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 posted in Lost Lands: Ice Spell on Mar 20, 18 7:23 PM
My interest waxed and waned. Some over-the-top stuff like: you're working your way thru the museum and suddenly, you simply must go to the rune wall in the other world. The ending begged for a sequel, not telling. Previous Lost Lands were overall better, the stories were more coherent, and I didn't spot the few grammatical errors I did here. Maaron got really short shrift here, I like him better than the main character and would like to see much more of him next time.
 posted in Lost Lands: Ice Spell Collector's Edition on Mar 13, 18 2:52 PM
I'm a fan of the developer and like others here, have all the games (or most). Only needed to play a token bit of the demo before buying. What clinched it was the ability to eliminate the voiceovers in the Settings options. The characters must not speak! No seriously, it can grate on one's nerves. The ambiance is similar, the theme, the way the hidden objects are done, it's all good so far. Thanks for another one in a great series!
 posted in Rescue Team 4 on Mar 12, 18 10:21 AM
Well, it's been like five months, but there are several topics on level 36 in this thread. Real quick: house, gas, gas. Upgrade house and one gas one level and use both speed bonuses. One tip I found to hold across all the RT games is if you have a whole bunch of resources on the road, do not waste time and workers picking it all up at once. Clear path or build something first, then have workers clear path behind him.
 posted in Moai IV: Terra Incognita Collector's Edition on Mar 10, 18 6:02 AM
Immediately build/repair forge and quarry. Open chest, cut 2 trees, get breadfruit.
Build lighthouse. On second island a worker is ready so get the fruit bowl and build farm. Stay away from rear of island where other worker is for now. Build sawmill next to temple, then boat ramp. On third island, clear path, build oil press. When third island was established and field upgraded, freed fourth worker on second island and opened chests. UPGRADED once: sawmill, field and forge. Used Horn of Plenty when all shacks were built. Used the Scales of Wealth when obtaining mana from temple. You need two huts upgraded twice and one basic hut on three lower lots.

Time points: 7037
 posted in Donna Brave: And the Strangler of Paris on Feb 19, 18 11:35 AM
I'm playing the standard edition demo because there's a two-for-one sale going on and I'm a little poor right now. Anyway. I read the very positive reviews before playing; ordinarily this would bias one but not this time. A little picky but this is supposed to be 1930-ish Paris yet private convos among the Parisians is in flawless English and a jazz tune is sounding a lot like the James Bond theme. You're supposed to suspend disbelief a number of other times also but if you like the game in general, overlook them easily. A bit of humorous understanding with the ubiquitous missing zipper pull--gosh "what do you do here?"--as if we didn't know a thousand times already. Typically, no plethora of hidden objects but mini puzzles are nicely done and not too difficult. Some of the animations are a bit primitive but again, if you like this, overlook. The story gets more interesting as you go along so by the time the demo is over, you might find yourself wanting to go on just for that. Graphics are nicely rendered but darkness prevails. I miss the quirky and unexpected little twists this developer had in many of the older games but maybe there's some later on. Let's hope so.

I want to go on. So, I'm going to get this on the two-fer. Now, what else?
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Feb 16, 18 4:49 PM
Went back and replayed this level, are you sure you're describing level 19? It sounds like another level altogether. For level 19, swat the birds for food and demolish the farm when you can, building and upgrading a forge in its place. Also, destroy the site for a Moai statue and build/upgrade forge. Upgrade everything. It's a pretty "easy" level compared to the others, actually.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Feb 16, 18 4:04 PM
You're right about the learning curve. You can surmise the developers really got into this one, crafting the game from every angle. Graphics are rendered beautifully. And you're right about it getting frustrating and obscure, forcing you to go hunting for hints. As far as the "boys side," as soon as the "girls side" started, I forgot about the opening levels. Kao-Ri is about the most difficult and rewarding series of resource management game I've played to date. I have mixed feelings about Moai V but one thing's for sure: it's a quality, highly challenging and endearing game.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Feb 11, 18 9:21 AM
Thank you for this guide! The strategy guide didn't quite cut it for me. What had me getting this in gold time (barely, barely) was running the windmill for the speed production bonuses, as often as I could. Didn't upgrade hut to four, nor any of the three gold mines, just ran the windmill a lot. Also, the trader proved to be useful for mana a few times.

Whew, glad that one's behind me. Thanks again.

Edit: my time was 13 minutes, 0 sec.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Feb 9, 18 3:10 PM
The strategy guide in the CE has you using the colorful mini altar in the holy glade a lot. I used the Scales of Wealth b/c you get a lot of wood. The guide also names the Speed Sandals. It's tricky--you have to trade the oil for mana at the altar simultaneously to the prayer at the mini altar. I hope this is not confusing. Just use your wood for the Scales mainly because your mana gets low. Stay away from the trader who wants 50 stones, you need all of them. The tree in bottom right has all the ore you need for the sand piles. Also, you need to keep a worker at the well. It takes a lot of mental juggling but it can be done!

Edit: trade with the trader after you've built all the big items needing stone. Then, you can spare it.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Feb 8, 18 6:38 PM
Excuse me, I find this a little silly. This game is challenging and messy as it is without these mysterious "in" things. But thanks, I needed the clue, it was starting to get to me. lol.
 posted in Dark City: London on Jan 24, 18 6:10 PM
Oh now, I like this. Even read thru the chit chat which normally is so out of here. Graphics, meh but some scenes are easier on the eye than others. Loved the first hidden object game in the demo, sold!--and the briefcase mini ain't too shabby either. Some unexpected plot twists early on. Got this game via the mega sale. Cheerio, pip pip!

Edit: Finished the game. You have to suspend disbelief at times and "play along." I don't think LED numerals were around during the dawn of the Big Ben era and there is a tiny mixup in one of the mini games. We've all seen the old "stuck key and the newspaper under the door" trick many times. Graphics overall are mediocre in quality and a bit heavy with the greys. However, this is a cute and humorous little game--cute hidden objects, fun little mini games and interesting plot twists now and then. Glad I got it on sale.
 posted in Cadenza: The Eternal Dance Collector's Edition on Jan 24, 18 4:49 PM
This was not a stellar game but my expectations are higher when it comes to Mad Head developers. What motivated me to write a mini-review was simply that I'm so tired of game demos that are perpetually loud and filled with frantic activity, dialogs and chit chat taking up space, garish and cartoonish colors and graphics. This Cadenza was actually soothing, notably without background music at all for short periods of time. A nondescript game with fairly simple minigames, some cut-out figure collectables and I think I saw some morphing objects to find somewhere, not sure there. I don't know why demo time is allotted 90 min--if it takes half that, that's generous. Think I'll go back and try one of the older Cadenzas--based on the demo, this one's a little too pale and laid-back for me.
 posted in Noir Chronicles: City of Crime Collector's Edition on Jan 21, 18 2:59 PM
Well, I'm not so into hidden object games but once in a while, I have to get into one. So, I picked this literally at random. Since I don't play these so much, I'm not tough to please. A whodunit murder mystery from the start, with echoes of the 1950s or '60s. The mini games range from easy to pretty clever so far, and I have to search for several types of collectables. For once in recent memory, my fastidious graphic processor decided to actually do something and play along so graphics are razor-sharp, almost three-dimensional, and colors, though muted, are discrete and true. Not bad, not bad, got it on sale. Not familiar with the developer, Brave Giant Studio, but maybe some of the comments about flashing lights and other irritants can be taken into consideration for future games. Looking forward to them.
What a difficult and very strange game this is. I don't know whether to scream or play it. The villainous skeletons are popping up all the time, you have to refresh your memory what the heck the tasks are, and perpetually, you need mana from somewhere to keep going--if you remember. Oh did I mention, this describes level 3.

I think you need a very patient and particular mindset to persevere with this one. Otherwise, I'm highly grateful there's a demo with no strings attached.

(still don't know whether to buy it).
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition on Jan 15, 18 6:20 PM
My time was gold at 3:59 but not the best so if someone has better tips, by all means.

Pretty straightforward: I used two workers and speed bonus only. Upgrade the camp at the earliest chance. Just collect everything from all the structures and collect as much mana as you can in advance without making your gold dip below 10 units. Have 7 mana ready for the purple sphere and light bridge and then go right for the gold and other things in that little area. If you can time it so that you activate the speed bonus at the very end when the guy has to go for the yellow light, all the better.
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition on Jan 15, 18 2:20 PM
I'd like to know also. Played this multiple times and the one YouTube vid on this shows only one star. My best time so far: 6:49. Some things I tried so far: not upgrading camp until after first bridge, using fast resources one time to get the food for the sword, upgrading to three and using speed bonus other times. There's too many additional things to do--you have to know in advance how much more you need. That's not really fun in my opinion, it gets to be a drag in this and other levels. If I improve my time to gold, I'll post how I did it, unless someone else came across it first.
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition on Jan 13, 18 4:16 AM
I used the third dude bonus only. For this level, know in advance you'll need food and wood built up so the third worker is a major help for the berry bushes and emptying the wood chest continuously. Upgrade farm immediately and you can let the food build up a little before picking up, in favor of clearing paths and accessing stone/gold.

Just clear the paths quickly and when you cross the bridge, navigate at once to the two stone shacks. You will need all resources from those and the gold so keep sending workers there until all 3 are depleted, also the wood barn at top right. Upgrade crystals and use the workers to get the berries and wood all the time. Then build the circular platform or whatever that is.

Time: 4:47
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition on Jan 8, 18 11:53 AM
1. Collect all materials in front of main camp and upgrade to two.
2. Clear paths right and left, including emptying chests, build farm and upgrade.
3. Go up the steps on right, build gold mine first, then quarry, then proceed left and build sawmill. Collect mana from station, if you have 9 mana, get the one you need from the chest top right. Don't waste time and gold over-collecting.
4. Collect next 5 mana, proceed thru middle path. Doing this last works out.

With this and other levels, it became very clear to monitor your resource level constantly and not waste any time whatsoever collecting resources unnecessarily. For example, to speak to the goddess, if you already have 10 foods, don't collect any more, focus on getting wood or stone only. I used the speed bonus constantly.

Edit: You notice that resources accumulate if they're not picked up right away? This helps when it's not worth it to pick up just one of something but more like three or more, provided the worker can carry it off. I had 10 units sitting there, the worker will only pick up a portion of that. Better to let it build up sometimes before sending a worker out to get it.

Time: 3:56
I played one whole level and backed out umpty times until I could check that the original developer, Paprikari, was still involved. Apparently so but how much? I own two "real" Mortimer Becketts, this is a very pale derivative thereof. Slick, a bit fatuous and way chatty, though the bits-assembly is still there, and a flavor of the old challenges with the puzzles. But something is missing, must be the heart and soul gone into the older and better ones.
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 Collector's Edition on Dec 31, 17 10:34 AM
I was looking thru my Games Manager and discovered this in the "Games You'll Love" section--whoa, talk about hidden. So I got it sight unseen and it's cuter than ever off the bat. I like that resources accumulate if not picked up right away. Gotta add my 2 cents to others: enough already with the chitchat! Haven't gotten too far yet, but for those who played VB2--let's hope not another bug like with the impossible level 36!

Like what I see, maybe too early for Viking Bros. 4 but hey!
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