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 posted in Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice Collector's Edition on Jun 23, 11 1:48 PM
I didn't know where to put this but this is just to say that I was all set to play and review but then my computer went kerput and I couldn't get the game to play. And spent all night restoring and resetting, and my security settings went nuts and all kinds of things went wrong!

(Just as I'm typing this - I remember this happened when I installed Behind the Reflection game. Hmmmmm - I wonder what is going on with that - anyway, that's why nobody is seeing a review from me about this game. I'm crushed - I really wanted to play it. But I'm not sure I want to reinstall and try again now that I have at least gotten firefox and my email to work . . . LOL)

I don't think it is a BFG tech problem - but now that I think about it - who knows.
I might have to ask them about that . . .
Hi folks!! It appears, from the comments from the mods in AvgSpock's thread that only C&R and Shadow's Chit-Chat threads are necessary for all comments about this game, including the questions asked here. So I won't be continuing this thread. I'm fine with that. I liked Bpup's and Spock's ideas about it but I do see the mods' points about the matter and will respect their wishes because the mods' are the ones who have to work to take care of TOS in all the threads in the game forums. Less work for them, less work for me. But I had fun while it lasted!

Signing off
Hi there folks - it's another Thursday morning CE day so here is my thread once again! I hope all of you enjoy playing it after the terrible drought we had. Got any thoughts about it when you're done?

1) How far did you get in the sample?
2) How long is the game and the bonus play? Your estimation - we all know nobody plays the same way at the same speed - just however long it took you.
3) Did you like how it ended?
4) Did the bonus play add to the story?
5) What would you call this game? iHog, HOPA, Adventure, Frog, etc.?
6) Did you think it was worth buying?
7) Anything anybody should know about it? Bright lights, spiders, snakes, occult, and the like?
7) What did you think of bonus materials?
Let us know!

REMEMBER - NO SPOILERS PLEASE - don't give away the story or how it ended or what happens in the course of the game.

If you want to chat about spoilers, talk about the game to your heart's content without worrying whether somebody will get a spoiler without warning, check out AvgSpock's new thread: "SPOILERS - Dish about the Game - Read at your own Risk"

BUT MOST IMPORTANT - whatever you want to say is fine - have fun!!
 posted in Dracula: Love Kills Collector's Edition on Jun 9, 11 2:09 AM

The H0 SCENES were done quite well, not too cluttered and most of the items made sense. Again, dark look but not dark (unlike yesterday’s game), and the objects were not hard to find, varying in size from fly to curtain, proportionately. The hint recharges at 30 seconds and there doesn’t appear to be a multi- or fast-click penalty.

The MINI-PUZZLES, since I was in easy mode, weren’t difficult, and some were rather unique and it was nice to see some new ones, along with the old standards like sliders. Each puzzle comes with a question mark for instructions, a skip button and a “reset” button. The skip charges up at 2 minutes.

In short - a good iHog/Adventure, and I’m looking at my closet - hmmm, maybe two pair of sneakers since there are ways to avoid having to travel too much. Did I say good? Let’s see - excellent, fun, interesting, and time ran out before I knew it. If you don’t mind Dracula and what goes with that genre and story, then this is a must try and in my little gaming world, a must buy.
 posted in Dracula: Love Kills Collector's Edition on Jun 9, 11 2:08 AM
This iHOG/Adventure from Waterlily takes u on a journey with Dracula, his trusty sidekick, Igor, and the usual suspects, and a quest to rid the World of the Queen of Vampires. According to a bit of chit-chat, this starts off where the other game Dracula Origins leaves off. Although it is a self-contained game, and not a LFA. The OPTIONS - what a nice surprise - several - Resolution, Gamma, Effects, Custom Cursor, and Voice and Music volumes. It did fill my wide screen so it must have been set right for me.

WARNING: This game has murder, blood, characters, evil intentions, and cultish symbolisms of Dracula and all that it entails. The dark and the macabre are abound in this game.

The GRAPHICS - go figure. Just goes to show you that developers can make a scene dark and spooky without making it dark. The characters were a mix, Igor being the best, while Dracula and Helsing close seconds. The other characters were not done as well. But overall, superb. Despite the dark scenery and night time activity (well, think about it, it has to be dark, right?), it was not hard to see anything.

The MUSIC was good, spooky, but not always hair-raising in most scenes. The voice-overs were . . . well, Bela Lugosi he isn’t, but they weren’t bad. Some might think they are corny and others - well, it adds to the whole game. Igor got a bit irritating at times. You can lower the volume of the voices separately from the music - always a nice feature.

There are TWO MODES, Easy and Hard, the easy mode providing an optional tutorial, faster hint recharge, and easier puzzles. The Hard mode, just the opposite, of course. In the Easy mode, there were sparkles to indicate areas of interest and H0 scenes. As with most iHogs, there were arrows, eyes, etc., and, in this game, a map, once you complete some tasks, use to go to various locations. And the way that happens - oh gosh, talk about fun. There are some other little details which make some of the game play fun and unique, which I won’t give away here. There are “abilities” to be obtained throughout the game, Honors to earn, and something to collect - and I won’t say what that is either - but for the squeamish - ewwwwwww.

eta: developer

I agree with you DragonLady 100%.

And Shadow - you're not getting run out of your own thread! Just consider the motives behind somebody wanting to throw a bucket of water on everybody's evening. (It goes without saying that anyone losing a loved one is deserving of well wishes and thoughts but . . .) The timing was pretty telling.
 posted in Legacy of the Incas on May 17, 11 1:34 AM
Oh, and Nikki - the skip button probably wasn't broken. I won't say why because I don't want to spoil it but there are things you have to do in order to be able to skip the puzzles, and if you haven't done those things, well . . .
 posted in Legacy of the Incas on May 17, 11 1:31 AM
I'm going to have to use that new acronym that has come up and add it to the list of ways to describe certain games. So I am calling this a HOPA (Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure). Because it is not a Hog, iHog, straight Adventure, nor Frog. From DEVELOPER "gfi", this is the story of a gal calling in a rather unorthodox character to help find the Incan Legacy. It has the same type game play as The Tiny Bang Story but without the elements which made Tiny Bang such a charmer. The MUSIC sounded much like a minuet in G minor rather than something more "Incan" (but don't go by me - I don't know what "Incan" music is supposed to sound like )

The OPTIONS are the usual, with the custom cursor, but that's it. It did fill my wide-screen monitor. The intro was your what I call funny papers type cut-outs with pop up dialogue boxes you can click through. Spoiler: You are already given a profile "Dave" but have the option to make your own. And the character is in every scene, doesn't walk from here to there, but appears everywhere you go. The GRAPHICS were clear, crisp and bright almost everywhere I went in the demo.

It has all the magnifying glasses, gears, etc., as you would find in most games like this, and even the pitter-patter of little feet to direct you to other areas. And you collect objects to use on puzzles or to open things, etc., and you even get a silhouette of what you need to find, although it isn't a very useful feature (you'll see what I mean when you play the demo). There are no hidden object "scenes". You had to go all over the place to find all the things you needed to collect for a puzzle or for whatever reason. The hint recharges at 1 1/2 minutes.

The MINI-PUZZLES are relatively easy, what I ran into during the 50 minutes I played. Another spoiler - and please don't give it away - let people figure it out - you have to be proactive in doing some things along the way if you want to skip the puzzles. So there's no wait time to gauge.

An interesting little game, with some rather unsophisticated mechanics, with the same kind of game play as Tiny Bang as I said, but without the charming and whimsical feel-good game-play. I wasn't sold on it to be honest, but if you like little adventure games with hidden objects to find, then try it out.
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 15, 11 1:40 AM
Now, I usually don't go for straight adventure games - The Art of Murder had me breaking my delete button. Same for those ones where tiny characters are going all over the place on grids to locations, picking things up along the way by simply crossing their path and to do whatever they do. However -- from the screenshots, this one I thought I would try just for fun's sake.

This little cutie is from COLIBRI GAMES is an ADVENTURE game and a bit unusual - at least to me. The STORY is, uh --- story? We don't need no stinkin' story. The intro - which was rather unique took you straight to entering your profile and then on to the game. OPTION's were the norm, nothing extra, and sorry folks, it did not fill my widescreen monitor so . . . The GRAPHICS are animated cel and very well done, clear and whimsical. The MUSIC is a bit whimsical, too, and not hard to listen to.

Yes, you find things, and yes, you use them in places, but there are no H0 scenes in sight. As far as I got, it was mostly a collection of certain things you had to get, NOT fragmented pieces, just several of the same kind. And you move around from area to area to find them, there were areas that popped up for a closer view, and you had to find the same kind of items all over the place.

There are MINI-PUZZLES, if you can call them that, and some aren't that unique, but the way they are done here to fit the game are pretty good. Clicking on the question mark will only give you a bit of instruction, but not much.

And I agree with Bella about spoilers, therefore am being vague on the details with this particular game as there some aspects I think it would be more fun for players to see for themselves.

Now, for those of you who like hints, enjoy the occasional sparkle, and a "Gee, I think I need to find a hammer" or "Didn't I see what I needed in the library", and aren't willing to be extremely proactive in how fast you can get your hint to recharge, you're going to hate this game. But for those of you who hate hints, don't like to be held by the hand, don't want any sparkles, and just love figuring things out on your own, guess what? You're all set. There is not a word anywhere, no instructions (except for MP's), no verbal hints, no dialogue, no skips, just a small icon of where there is something that needs to be done but it doesn't tell you what and it doesn't tell you where to go.

So love it or hate it - but you just gotta try it.
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As I said in another thread about why this might be happening, I am wondering why no one here has given any thought to the fact that BFG just might be working on a way for us all to use credits to buy CE's. Which everybody has said they have been promising for months. And during the course of trying it out, or implementing the new software before it was perfected, some were able to take advantage of the snafu in the early hours until BFG realized what was happening.

For those that got the game for a credit, well, that's what the system did through no fault of their own. There may be some points here about CE's and everybody knowing what the price of a CE is, but it was what it was and nobody should be accusing anyone of unethical practices or commenting on the degradation and decay of today's morals just because some fishies were automatically charged a single credit for a game they had every intention of paying the full price for at the checkout stand when they went to buy it - with all their ethics and morals intact at the time. What some may have done to "jump on the bandwagon" once the glitch was discovered have themselves to answer to, nobody else.

When I had my business, if I quoted a price, or indicated to a client what I would be charging them, and then ended up charging them something else, I always gave them the benefit, no matter what. And about buying things in stores, often times stores will honor the "marked" price rather than the "ring" price. It happened to me yesterday. A sheet was shown to be $4.97 on the shelf, but when it rang up, it was $6.97. The store gave it to me for $4.97 because it was their mistake, not mine. And be honest, if you bought a pint of sour cream and it rang up at $2.49 instead of $2.54, would you say anything? Or do you pay attention to groceries being rung up? And if you ended up getting things like that cheaper than it was advertised or marked, would you still be in a ballyhoo about ethics?
 posted in Kingdom of Seven Seals on Jan 25, 11 3:32 AM
There's been mention this is an old game and was released in December - I looked and it appears to be December 23rd. I looked through my posts because it didn't appear to be a game I would have passed on unless that was when I took a few days off. Unless it was a soft release? Anyway, fishies are posting in both forums, because the game page takes you to the December forums and the "Newest Forum:" when you go straight to the forums takes you to TGT today's date. So there are comments and reviews in both places, as well as comments about there being two forums.

I'm wondering when BFG or a moderator is going to come to visit and let us know why this is . . . the way it is?
 posted in Kingdom of Seven Seals on Jan 25, 11 1:35 AM
This a cute ihog/adventure game, very light on hog, heaving on adventure, but a little harder than it looks. In two-dimensional cel-animated format, it is the story of a princess who must find the Seven Seals in order to rescue the kingdom. It gives the sense of a Cinderella with the scenery and characters, along with the lilting music.

There were the usual sliders for music and sound, and a custom cursor option. I recommend using the custom cursor. You don't see the hands, feet and "talk" features if you don't (and yes, I learned that the hard way). The unusual option was a slider - yep - a slider - for difficulty, with 3 spots to slide to, right, left, and middle. I chose middle because it didn't look all that difficult.

There is a book that contains tasks, story, and map. The map is invaluable. The princess travels along the paths to various houses, areas, etc., to do whatever she needs to do. Clicking anywhere on the path moves the princess to that point. She moves quickly and there is no hanging up if she has to go around a bend. There are sparkles and moving shoes to leave areas rather than arrows and items here and there on the paths to collect. There were also places to stop to earn money but it did not fit with the theme, didn't tell you how much you were earning until you left, so I thought they could have come up with something better like collecting coins.

The first H0 scene wasn't very difficult, and the hint recharges at 20 seconds. And collected an inventory item in the process. Although I was trying to find something in particular, there were places where I stopped just to see, and I either got told there was nothing to do there or there was actually a task. There was one area though, which appeared to be a mini-puzzle, but I couldn't figure it out and there was no skip and I had to "back" and go on my way. Although I was told to go look for something in an area, it appeared the area was a H0 scene just like the first area where I was told to go do something, but there was no list of things to get. Clicking on hint opens the book to the task page, and you got just a bit of a hint of where to look, but I spent the rest of the demo looking for the thing and so I wore out my sneakers and had to quit. I couldn't find it to save my life and I thought I looked everywhere I could look.

Very cute, fun, and light on the hog, heavy on the adventure. If I hadn't gotten stuck, I would have loved it.
 posted in Spirit Seasons: Little Ghost Story on Jan 22, 11 1:45 AM
I don't know how it works or doesn't work but sometimes when I download a game, once it is done, the orange bar on the game manager says, "Installation Failed". But I click on the green bar "Install" next to it anyway and it installs and plays fine. Go figure.
 posted in The Stroke of Midnight on Jan 21, 11 8:34 AM
I'll bring the party favors and the firecrackers. Anybody need some noisemakers?
Why thank you Dr. Good for starting this up.

This is a great iHog sequel in the Treasure Seekers series. The story takes you along the adventures of Nellie and [can’t remember his name lol] in a kidnapping and time travel for the search of a precious artifact. It held my attention the entire time and I almost jumped when it ended because I was so enjoying it. The graphics are pretty good (except for those darn sparkles in a lot of the scenes) and the music wasn’t intrusive. There is a casual and advanced mode, with the typical differences, longer recharges and no twinkles or many hints in the advanced mode. I played the demo in casual mode, of course, and it does ask you if you want interactive help when you start playing.

As the story goes forth, a device for time travel is discovered, and you travel from scene to scene, picking up items to use (pop-up circles) to complete tasks, which are listed for you, and sometimes have to travel to different times to pick up something to use in another time. There are the typical twinkles, highlights, and indications of where you can go and the cursor turning to a hand when there is something to pick up. All thing great things you find in a good iHog. You have to move your cursor all over the place to make sure you do not miss anything. In wandering around, and going from scene to scene and having to go back to another area to pick up something, I didn’t wear out my sneakers. I think they will last, depending on how long the game is.

The H0 scenes are relatively easy - about a 3 on my scale. The H0 scenes do have interactive aspects, opening drawers, moving items, and opening up cupboards, boxes, etc. The hint charges at one minute and there is an “X-Glass” for invisible items. You do have to move your cursor around here also to find things and to make sure you have opened and moved everything. It almost stumped me once.

The mini-puzzles weren’t difficult, unique to the game, although the mechanics of some were similar to other mini-games we’ve all seen. There was a two-minute skip which I timed out just to see how long it was but I didn’t need it.

I loved it - it was engaging and I was wrapped up in it I was sorry when the demo ended. Those who liked the previous Treasure Seekers games will no doubt love this one. I think it is much better than the first one, and the best of the lot. It’s a buy as soon as BFG let’s us use credits for CE’s.
 posted in Tamara the 13th on Dec 28, 10 5:16 AM
peglegann wrote:Wow!! We have a new gendre of game! TOTS = The Objects are There Somewhere!!

Yea! A new acronym to add to the wonderful list of those so many fishies have come up with. I know I will use it whenever the occasion arises!!
 posted in Tamara the 13th on Dec 28, 10 12:56 AM
I beta tested this game and so loaded it up to see if my wonderful, insightful, and magnificent suggestions and advice had been taken by those who were so thoughtful as to ask for my assistance. I have played about 10 minutes so far and haven't found any of the improvements I suggested. The intro is a "one-piece" watch or skip and 2 dimensional in most respects. The sound effects were a bit jarring but the music didn't overpower the game.

There were no special options other than the custom cursor, which I tried both ways. The custom cursor is rather large and clunky, but turns into a hand in various areas or a wand whereas my computer cursor did not. The story is a rescue of mother by daughter in a world of fantasy with mythical creatures, fairies, angels, and, of course, the evil counterparts. The graphics were well-detailed, but too grainy and I don't think I'm alone when it comes to a dislike of grainy graphics, especially when it comes to color-on-color items to find.

What I mentioned in the beta testing and I will mention again here are a couple of things that were not to my taste: One, there were not just arrows to indicate directions to other areas; rather, it highlighted the entire entrance, exit or area to which you could travel. In one area, that highlighted area consumed almost half the screen, and these highlights became confusing and irritating. Second, when you did need to use a hint, you had to click on the hint orb and then the object in the bar which you sought; however, when you clicked on it, it disappeared, and then quickly reappeared so you could click on it with a "wand." These two "problems" were enough for me to pass on this game.

The hidden objects define the very meaning of "hidden." They were literally impossible to find and I will gladly pat on the back anyone who can find all the crystals, orbs, tools, etc., without using one hint. Evidently, they didn't think this aspect of the game needed improvement, although I can't imagine any of the beta testers not mentioning it being a deal-breaking problem. There is a multiple-click penalty with the typical swirl, and some theatrics when using a hint that recharges at about a minute.

I'm not a big fan of fantasy/mythical games anyway, but to be fair, I will play them and even buy them if they are really good, but this one wasn't good when I tested it, and it isn't good now.

I think this is a "must try first before you buy" game.
 posted in Christmas Wonderland on Dec 23, 10 3:03 AM
I love this game. The perfect Christmas game for the season. It is a straight hog with lots of mini puzzles, puzzles, sliders, memory cards, and std's, all of which can be skipped after 1 minute. There are no special options, but the graphics and clear and crisp and bright. And the Christmas music and tunes along with the wonderful scenes of toy stores, workshops, rooftops, sleighs, and the rest were beautiful.

It starts out with the theme of the 12 days of Christmas and sings the song as the pictures of each number comes up. Then the pictures scatter and the game begins. The scenes are filled with everything Christmas, candy canes, stockings, wreaths, and all sorts of toys, holly and mistletoe. The story is obvious, of course. Santa in his workshop, gathering all the toys, picking up spilled toys, getting toys into the sleigh and off to Michael and Emily's house (I think those were the names), landing on the roof, picking up more spilled toys, and a few stops in between to toy stores, etc. (I won't quibble about the chain saw in the workshop lol)

In each scene, along with the regular items to find, there are things to collect for the twelve days of Christmas, a maid-a-milking here, and a drummer-drumming there, along with the rings, turtle doves, etc. The tally of each of the days are kept at the top of the scenes, letting you know how many of each you have collected. Once you have collected all of any given items, the particular part of the song is sung and the circle at the top lights up. I really wanted to see what happens when you've collected all of the items. Sometimes there was only one or two in a scene, sometimes more.

There is no click penalty unless you click really fast and then it jiggles for a couple of seconds, but I went slow because I was really enjoying looking at all the things they put in the scenes to make it so Christmas-decorated. Although the scenes were bright and clear, some items were not quite as easy to find as one might think. But the hint recharges at 30 seconds for those tricky little letters and numbers.

I love it - it was a beautifully put together little HOG for the season. At 165 mb, and considering how many of the 12 day items I had collected in the one hour, I wouldn't think it ends once all of the items are collected. And maybe there are more things to do once that happens. I just wish I had a credit handy. I don't know why, but it just made me feel good.
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You're welcome. I'm so glad somebody remembers that song. It's a classic!

I'm a little confused. Doc went to the trouble of starting this thread and the mods have been very kind in coming along and sticking it, even when there was only one or two posts, but they didn't this time. They created a new "sticky" C&R which is empty. You guys going to repost?
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I guess I'm one of those "old school" Hog lovers. Spintop has a standard prescription for their hog's and they do still appeal to those who lose hair (which isn't attractive) over trying to figure out why the crowbar I picked up in the cellar won't work to open the locked door so I can get the wrench to fix the faucet to hook up the hose I found in the yard to water the rose I cut from the vine to drop the key to unlock the shed to get the tape to fix the hole in the bucket . . . Dear Henry a hole.

If you know Amazing Adventures, Mystery PI and Escape From . . . games, then you will know the mechanics of this game, also. Which means the graphics are great, and if you are looking for the right word, doc, it's computer-generated, cel-animated, cartoon, hand-drawn, photographic, art renderings. Alas, it isn't Henry Shaw, either, but I like the little fun facts and Hawaiian words they fill you in on along the way. I don't know how I could have lived another week not knowing that the Hawaiian alphabet only had 12 letters.

There were lots of Hawaiian scenes: catamarans, cabanas, seashores, boats, day spas, etc. So that took some thought, or maybe a tour of the islands. I never do timed if there is an un-timed mode and I love having the choice . . . and the options allow you to choose to have unlimited hints which equates to not having to wait for them to recharge. No other special options other than hardware acceleration.

You have to collect 3 hidden items in each scene to "extend" your vacation (and it wasn't hard to do), and collecting all 84 unlocks two bonus game modes. It keeps a journal of your vacation, filled with the aforementioned fun facts. And a little touch of interaction, and in true ST style, a twist on the names of exactly what you're supposed to be looking for.

The hog scenes didn't seem to be as cluttered as some other Spintop games but that might be me. There were some questionable out of place items, but not crazy. If you do decide to go the rough route and wait for recharging hints, it is only about 20 seconds, so how hard . . . well, it's not. You have to get pretty carried away with the cursor clicking for anything to happen, and then it is only a 2,500 point penalty, nothing crazy like blowing up or worse, the screen turning into lei's.
I am a diehard fan of the Spintop games I mentioned, and own every one of them. If you love them, too, you'll love this one.
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