Grim Tales The Bride

[Post New]by ladynextdoor123 on Aug 21, 17 2:39 PM
I have only just purchased this game August 2017 so it is a new installation, and I'm having the same problems with the Sun puzzle on the gravestone as players in 2011. It freezes and I cannot skip, or escape. I've had to use Ctrl Alt Delete to shut the game down and have tried many times to go back, but it goes straight to the frozen puzzle page. Can anyone advise please? Many thanks.


Re:Grim Tales The Bride

[Post New]by JennyForYou on Jan 12, 18 11:58 AM
Same here, brought it today and my screen freezes at the same puzzle.
Its really frustrating, and noone seems to tkae the responsibility for it.

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