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[Post New]by elianchen on Feb 8, 18 11:36 PM
Dear Neighbors and Friends!
I will be away from 10. until 26. February on Holidays. I'm going to enjoy some in the Dominican Republic . The Winter in Germany/Hamburg is toooo cold...

Hope to see you all when i get back!

Love Eli

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Re:Upcoming Absences

[Post New]by aurendel01 on Feb 10, 18 8:01 AM
Dear Neighbors and Friends,

My Real Life job is approaching our busy season. Soon I'll be working six or seven days a week, and will have little time & energy to play. If you want to delete me from your neighborhood when I fall asleep, that's ok, I can look you up in the summer when I've got more game time.

Happy gaming to you all.

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Re:Upcoming Absences

[Post New]by Vulcaness on Feb 12, 18 8:51 AM
I'm not really asleep. I'm in communication with Russia to get my password fixed.

All fixed and wide awake.

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