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Signing in and other issue

[Post New]by dogpenny on Apr 21, 18 10:29 AM
I still have to sign in as a guest and I am NOT a guest I have to get a new password every time I sign in and it says i can change it upon signing in I dont see any place to do that where is it? Also i dont think I got the March 22 update I am at level 84 and Anabelle has one more thing to do when i click on her it says something like Maybe she can save the castle with the next update I click on ok and nothing happens I dont get the update. How can I get it when i click on the cog upper right there is download full content shows up and when i cilck on that it says no new content to be downloaded when I do the one that you have to do manually it says no new downloads available so what do I do to be able to move on in the game I also have the second thing needed to move on it is the heavenly something I think. My ID is 545989 my game name is dogpenny can you help me with these 2 issues. Thank you for any help given.
the second thing I have is Nature Force all I need is the download to continue

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