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[Post New]by Callie9721 on Jan 5, 18 10:45 AM
Hello. I'm looking for friends please. My ID is a887219. I'm on level 30.
Thank you (I'm really not sure how to request)


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[Post New]by Callie9721 on Jan 5, 18 11:00 AM
I'm a bit confused. I've tried to search for friends using their ID but it says not known. Thanks


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[Post New]by DoubleMsMom on Jan 5, 18 11:19 AM
Will try to answer both your questions.

This game can't cross platforms, so the friends you are searching for must have an "a" before the number.

Now to find friends, go to the Helpful Links for Midnight Castle and scroll to the second section (Friends) and choose the link that corresponds to your platform. I suggest you start with the most recent requests and work backwards.

Sorry to say I play on a PC otherwise would send you an invite.

Good Luck and keep stormin' the castle!


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[Post New]by Callie9721 on Jan 5, 18 11:38 AM
Thank you. Ill try that. Since putting this up, I've had a request. Just 1 more thing - how do you go into friend's room? Thanks for your help!


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[Post New]by Callie9721 on Jan 5, 18 11:46 AM


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[Post New]by Arizona63Tucson on Jan 5, 18 1:28 PM
Platform refers to your devices operating system . You are playing on an Android that is your platform so you can only friend to other Android players .

In the Helpful Links there is a thread called Friend Codes for Android that is the thread you need to post your ID # in

Go to your Private Room or Christmas Room at the bottom right is a Just John icon click on that ant then click on any Icon you want and that will take you to your friends room . The first one will always be John .


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[Post New]by diercl43 on Jan 5, 18 1:36 PM
friend code 524243 HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


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[Post New]by KBraye12 on Jan 6, 18 2:05 PM
Hi I'm a newbie and I need some friends!!! Lol! Please add me. My code is 714544


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[Post New]by LindaH57 on Jan 9, 18 10:26 PM
Hi, My name is LindaH57 and my Friend Code was 620778 until Jan 5, 2018. My Windows 7 computer pretty much died on me. I got a new computer with Windows 10. When I installed MC on the computer you can guess what happened...that's right I got another Friend Code and lost my Great Group of Friends.

So, I'm hoping some of my Great Friends see this request for Friends and add my new Friend Code to your list.

If you're looking for New Friends...just add my Code.

LindaH57 OLD CODE - 620778 NEW CODE - 722556



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[Post New]by LindaH57 on Jan 9, 18 11:33 PM
Hi, I saw you were looking for Friends...I sent you an invite. I ended up with a New ID when I got a windows 10 computer and lost all my friends.

My name is Linda and I'm from NJ

OLD CODE - 620778

NEW CODE - 722556

Sat. Jan. 13, 2018 - UPDATE

I just wanted to Thank Everyone who added me as a Friend.

Edited on 01/13/2018 at 7:29:58 PM PST


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[Post New]by LindaH57 on Jan 13, 18 7:48 PM

I just got a request to add a friend of mine because she just started to play.

Name - Nan from NJ
Friend Code - 723797
Level 10

Thank you for any help you can offer to Nancy


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[Post New]by Musikfrosch on Jan 14, 18 4:22 PM
Hello all, I play as FROGCASTLE and had to get a new ID - my old computer finally broke for good this year. If you still have the old ID 597992, you can remove that account!

Now I'm looking for friends new and old - add 723682


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[Post New]by primitivecool1 on Jan 15, 18 9:11 AM
I play everyday and would love for you to add me as a friend ID Code 665363 (Melissa). Thanks for the add.


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[Post New]by Smrt_Stnr on Jan 15, 18 10:56 AM
Pretty new to the game and would like some friends! Thanks for the help! 723878 is my friend code.


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[Post New]by PamelaWillis on Jan 15, 18 9:42 PM
I had to start my game all over so I need friends please add me my code is 721939

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