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[Post New]by toltrider on Dec 2, 17 9:10 AM
Looking for ios friends. My id is i2575784. Thanks.

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[Post New]by Nickimine on Dec 3, 17 5:12 PM
Hi all !!

I am looking for friends who play Midnight Castle on an iPad. I need friends who can gift on a pretty regular basis. Right now I have over 40 friends - however, I never receive even 15 gifts per day. I gift out the maximum 15 - but I think quite a few of my friends must be "on a break." I've certainly taken a break from the game myself, so I totally understand.

My Game ID: i695714 My Player Name is Jean

I very often have the words "Unique Stamp Swap" after my player name. This means I have a Unique (brown/maroon colored) Stamp on my wish list. If you gift me this color stamp, please have the very same color stamp on your wish list. By exchanging the same color stamp, we work together to reach that achievement.

I might have the words "Same Color Swap". This would mean I have two different stamp colors on my wish list. Please - if you gift me a particular Stamp color, I hope you have the same Stamp color on your wish list so I can gift it right back at you!

Laugh - no, Stamps are not the only things on my wish list. And they aren't they only item I gift to people. I just wanted to clear up how I handle the Stamp Swap issue.

I hope to get some new, good gifting friends. I promise to be a good gifting friend to you! I'm looking forward to the start of the Christmas Event!

~ jean (sometimes known as jeannie) ~


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[Post New]by Cutiefuji on Dec 3, 17 8:06 PM
Hi everyone,
My name is CUTIEFUJI, I’m looking for friends. My code is ID 2543382


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[Post New]by GamerK8 on Dec 6, 17 4:10 PM
Hi all. My ID is i2564277, and my game name is k8. Looking for friends. Thanks!


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[Post New]by jermom on Dec 7, 17 5:35 PM
Hi I’m in need of friends. My code is i2574238. I’m at level 20. Thanks!

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[Post New]by DDanski on Dec 7, 17 11:52 PM
More friends...more gifts under your tree!!

Please add i1344560

Merry Christmas?


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[Post New]by elaipenny on Dec 9, 17 1:16 AM

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[Post New]by Davon1223 on Dec 12, 17 9:47 AM
Looking for friends! My code is i2351158


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[Post New]by A10Lisak on Dec 12, 17 10:34 AM

I’m a new player and would love some friends. My code is i2579699.

I don’t know if it is something I’m doing or the game, does anyone have a issue completing a task and having the prize disappear?


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[Post New]by MissCurious25 on Dec 12, 17 1:14 PM
Hey all!
I've been playing this game for a while but wasn't playing for the Christmas event last year. I'd really like to be able to complete all the Christmas achievements this year and would love some Christmas friends to leave little gifts under their trees! I need 8 more friends and am happy to keep them all after the event finishes. Sadly, a lot of my friends aren't playing anymore, so I will be able to send regular gifts every 2nd day to my new friends too.
Please add me and we can help each other get the achievements! Oh, and please open Christmas Room 2. Thanks and see you in the game!
My ID is i1728800


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[Post New]by Elsaemerald on Dec 12, 17 1:22 PM
Have sent you an invite from my Suziesapphire game.
Christmas Room 2 is open and ready to welcome you


Looking for friends....

[Post New]by Djmohr on Dec 12, 17 1:59 PM
So many of my friends have not changed to the new Christmas room and many of them have not played in a very long time so I am looking for new friends.
I play every day!! And I gift as much as I am allowed.
If you are looking for a new friend, please feel free to add me: i2316130


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[Post New]by MissCurious25 on Dec 12, 17 2:28 PM
Thanks for adding me Elsa! And the others who added me who may be too shy to post on here. Don't worry, I was the same
Djmohr, I tried to invite you but for some reason, after I click invite, you don't appear in the invite list. Feel free to add me instead if you like.

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[Post New]by MissCurious25 on Dec 12, 17 3:03 PM
Wow, thanks for the quick adds guys! I now have enough friends to go for the Mrs Claus avatar! I don't have enough pink boxes though, about 250 short. So there will be some hard slog to get more of those lol.
I'll gift the friends who gift me, and if you want to just be friends for the Christmas achievements, that's cool too. See you all in the game!


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[Post New]by LoisKobylarz on Dec 12, 17 7:15 PM
If you would like Christmas room to hunt in you can add me as a friend.
ID code is. I 2540829.


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[Post New]by JennyLynnBee on Dec 14, 17 12:00 PM
Hi there my first post, yay! after lurking for about a year. ? My friend code is i2384405. I'd love some more friends please. Player name is EllaBee. Ive never enjoyed a game as much as Midnight Castle! Have a great day everyone!


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[Post New]by Taniusa3 on Dec 14, 17 12:20 PM
Hi. My id is i2418661. Need friends with christmas room 2. Please add me to a friend. Thanks


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[Post New]by Orakyl1981 on Dec 14, 17 3:07 PM
Hi all! My Christmas room is open and ready for you to come visit if you so desire! ID is i2027996.


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[Post New]by BobbieZitelli on Dec 14, 17 3:30 PM
I just transferred devices and my friends list didn't transfer. Please feel free to add me. 662950 currently on Level 44


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[Post New]by orchidsprite on Dec 16, 17 6:01 PM
Just got back into playing the game. Please add: i2430720. Thanks!

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